Week 6: Allergy Friendly- Flour-less Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce

I can’t find a good quote about caramel.


Ok, so I don’t do Valentine’s day. Mostly because you shouldn’t just have one day a year where you show your appreciation for your partner, also because I’m bitterly, painfully single and always am. I just never date during the Valentine’s season. Oh, well.

HOWEVER, I decided to make myself a very Valentine’s day-esque treat for the challenge this week and what says self love more than chocolate and caramel.

Especially ~homemade caramel~

Or it says I have too much time on my hands…. I really need a job…


Sine its allergy friendly week, I went with a flourless gluten free recipe. A chocolate one to be precise. Originally I planned on making a bourbon flourless chocolate cake, but decided that a bottle of bourbon would not help my mood, so I instead chose this one from, ironically enough, King Arthur Flour. I used bittersweet and dark chocolate for the recipe, since I had nefarious plans. Caramel colored nefarious plans…

Lets just say this cake whips up super fast and came out like the fudgiest brownie you’d ever want to eat. I admit it, I’m impressed King Arthur Flour. That was pretty quality cake. Er, brownie. Whatever.

Oops, only took pics of it upside down….

I topped it off by taking the risk and making a homemade salted caramel sauce, and I think the risk paid off. I used a recipe from over on Fifteen Spatulas, which has a great image by image tutorial so you know how the sugar should look at each step. I just added a bit of pink Himalayan sea salt and bam! a perfect salted caramel sauce.

I amaze myself sometimes. Then the depression and months of constant failure remind me not to be amazed. Cause I’m not amazing in any way.

Easy, breezy, beautiful, caramel~

Pro-tip for when you make caramel: If it clumps up when you add the cream, DO NOT PANIC. just stir and the molten sugar will eventually work itself out. Usually. Unless you burned it to begin with… Then you’re better off just starting over.

I did soar a little too high in the sky and Icarus-ed myself though…lets just say my powered sugar heart embellishment for the top of the cake came out a little more like a sugary circle…

Nothing the power of photography can’t mask though!

Look at this beauty. I’m so happy with how this picture and the whole dessert came out.

Its just simply decadent.

You have no proof that I ate half the caramel straight out of a jar!

Next week the challenge is caramel. Bad planning on my part, haha. But I have a real treat planned, so stay tuned! It’ll be either a masterpiece or a disaster!


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